Saturday, October 13, 2012

A little peace...

Mom has always enjoyed music.  So, I have been playing different types to see if it calms her.     A CD of Elvis did not, and to be honest I was a little relieved.  John Denver fared a little better. But, tonight Katie asked if she could bring a TV into the living room so that she could play a movie for her Grandma.  Mom was very agitated at the time so I held out little hope that it would make a difference.  Katie picked Snow White because she thought that Mom might find it more familiar than more recent movies.  I was more than a little surprised when Mom settled down and watched it.  She didn't remember seeing it before, but she seemed to enjoy it.  The most surprising  part was that she commented on the quality of the drawings.

I am left wondering whether she was able to follow the story or whether, like the child that she is resembling, the colors and movement were comforting. Nothing was asked of her involvement. Following the story line was not a requirement for enjoyment.  Whatever the reason, I am thankful that she found peace for even an hour.

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  1. Thanking Him for the little things, for you, the girls, and mom!