Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Four letter word...

I hate that I have to watch what I say but I' need to say it anyway.
I hate that I have to protect other people's feelings by swallowing my own.
I hate that my way of expressing myself hurts people.
I hate that I am the source of anyone's worry when they have enough in their own lives.
I hate that people think I am doing something amazing when I am only doing what I have to do.
I hate that this blog has become so negative while I search for something positive.
I hate that I make this about me while my mother is dying.
I hate that this nasty, four letter word is now familiar to me.
I hate this damn disease for everything that it has taken from us.


  1. what you do is you know how many people just send their loved ones away and let someone else take care of are amazing and never forget it!

  2. 2 things. Swallowing your feelings will fill you with a poison that is hard to treat. 2 I am called to listen. It is what I do. If you like let me know and i will share my personal email with you as a place to " yell at the moon" You are an incredible person and I would yeah I am going to use it HATE to see you lost to this terrible disease as well.

  3. brianquest, I apologize. I just tonight saw your comment. I don't know how missed it. I thank you for your words and your support. And the offer of a moon to yell at touches my heart. You are very kind.