Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Answered prayers...

We received some news today that brings me hope.  I was told of an Adult Day Care in the area that might be able to take Mom for a few hours a week.  So, today Kylie and I stopped by to get some information to see if Mom could be put on the waiting list.  Long story, short... there is no waiting list!  It is a just a matter of getting a referral, going through the evaluation and we are there. 

This place was so kind and accommodating.  They immediately took us on a tour and answered questions.  They have meals, activities, medical personnel on staff, exercise classes, therapy, counseling... They even have pick up and delivery!  They do everything I do and more. I am excited to think of what this means for my family, but I am equally excited for what this can mean for Mom.  I think she will be so happy there.  I literally walked out of there with tears in my eyes.  I am so thankful for this opportunity.


  1. Any new news on this? That will be soooo wonderful for you, the girls, and mom. She will have some different interaction and activities, and you will get some respite and peace of mind knowing she is being cared for. I love you, N!