Monday, October 8, 2012

ATM syndrome...

Mom was once told that she had ATM syndrome... Addicted To Misery.  Meaning that she wasn't happy unless she was unhappy.  In my opinion, that was probably the most accurate diagnosis that she ever received.  But I've always called it her "Woe Is Me" mood.  It is her WIM mood that most reminds me of how she was before she got sick. It was always her way to manipulate us and it is still the fastest way to push my buttons.

Long story short is that  today I have responded to her demands to eat 5 times in 4 hours.  She has chosen to eat all or part of her food on all of those occasions.  She is now in her room wailing to God about how mean I am.  And that she hasn't even seen food in 3 days. 

Yep, I need patience.  It turns out that I have a more common form of ATM syndrome.. there's nothing left at the bank after feeding her all day.

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