Monday, August 4, 2014

Run, Nancy, Run...

I'm in trouble tonight.  Mom just came home from day care.  She stepped off the van and into my arms to give me a huge bear hug.  You'd think that would be normal, but Mom has a no-touch policy.  She doesn't want help and she doesn't want to be touched.  So, a bear hug was extreme.  She then wanted to stop the driver from leaving because, "He's mine!  He's my family!"  Maria took that very well.  In fact, she laughed at me as she drove away. 

As I finally coaxed her into the house I could see that the agitation was going to continue.  She immediately picked a fight... with herself. She pleasantly asked,  "Are you going somewhere tonight?  And angrily responded, "Going somewhere?"  I just got here!  Don't start bugging me about leaving when I just sat down!"  

The dog just ran under the futon.  I wonder if I would fit under there, too. 

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