Thursday, August 28, 2014

New behaviors...

I've been noticing some new behaviors with Mom.  They aren't anything earth shattering.  The progression of this disease is very slow with her, so earth shattering probably won't happen.

She is having more and more trouble understanding simple words and instructions.  For instance, if I'm trying to get her to stay somewhere, say, waiting while I get the car door open.  I usually get frustrated and finally give up I will say, "Stop!" she will usually say something like, "Chalk?  I didn't take it! That man took it!"

Getting her cleaned up and dressed in the morning has become time consuming.  As I ask her to remove her pants, she will stare at me.  As I continue to ask, trying to rephrase hoping for some recognition, she will do everything but take off her pants.  This morning as she showered, I talked her through each thing that she had to do. "Okay, Mom, you need to wash your legs."  "Mom, can you wash your legs?"  She moves the cloth to her shoulder.  "Mom, please wash your legs!"  She yells at me, "I am!"  I point to her legs and pull her hand down to her legs and say, "Your legs."  She will go right back to her shoulder.  It's frustrating.  For both of us.

I am sure the neighbors think that I am abusing her during these times.  If I touch her in any way while I am trying to guide her, she screams, "Ow!  That hurts!"  I know that reaction is part of the disease, I hope they do, as well. 

Some victims of this disease have traveled through the journey in a matter of months.  Others take as long as 20 years.  I shook my head "NO" as I wrote that last sentence.  Mom will be in the latter group, hopefully, not for 20 but it will be a long journey.  She was always a procrastinator, so why change now, right? 

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