Sunday, August 3, 2014

Keeping my mouth shut...

Tuesday at the Dementia support group, I commented that Mom had been sleeping well lately.  And she had.  I gave someone some advice about products that have worked or, at least, helped relax Mom.  And, there is where I went wrong.  We haven't had a good, solid night's sleep since.  And last night was the worst.

Mom went to bed about 9 and was quiet for a couple of hours.  I could still hear her having a conversation with someone, so I knew she wasn't asleep.  But, she was quiet and relaxed.  At about 11, she started getting up and moving around.  I had given her a sleeping pill the night before and I don't like her to have them on repeat nights, so, I gave her a supplement that usually works for her.

Ha!  Not last night.  She was up and wandering for most of the night.  I think the longest that she went without letting her presence be known to us was an hour.  She kept asking us if we were up/awake/hungry/busy.  She searched for her shoes.  She tried locked doors.  She flushed the toilet.  She ran water.  She tried to tuck us in.  She complained that the front door was open (we have a locked, solid metal security door that allows fresh air in while keeping us safe).  She told us to put our shoes on so that she could go have coffee.  She never did go to bed.  She was up and dressed by 6 and hasn't pooped out since.

I just hope that she will crash early and we will have a good night's sleep tonight... And  that I learn to keep my big mouth shut and not brag when she is sleeping well.  

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  1. Boo :( Alzheimer's is so unpredictable! I'm so glad, though, that you have found a group to vent at and find support and encouragement from! I love you, Nancy!!! xoxoxoxoxo