Thursday, December 12, 2013

FAFFL #2...

Mom gave me another FAFFL (file away for laughing later) moment. She was very restless last night. Up and down.  She would sleep for an hour and then get up and start getting ready for work/school/ice skating/whatever.  Because of her wanderings, I have pushed the couches in the living room together at an angle to block Mom from going into the rest of the house.  I sleep with my head at the apex of the couches so that I will know if she tries to escape.

Anyway, Mom finally quieted down  at about 1 am.  I didn't  believe she was truly out, so, I laid there watching for her for another hour or so. I must have dozed off because I woke up at 3:20 with a 79 year old butt in my face as she was attempting to climb over me to get out of the house. If you've ever had a 79 year old butt in your face at 3:20 in the morning, you'll know that even in the light of day, it still isn't funny. But, I don't mind if you laugh.  If it happened to you, I would laugh.

But, what was filed away for laughing later (because I was too tired to see the humor) was that every time she got up, I would take her back to bed, and she would come up really close to my face and gesture at me to be quiet with a finger over her mouth and whisper, "It's okay. I don't have to go to bed because I'm not really here."  So, apparently, I now have a Mother who acts like a toddler that's been drinking. 

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