Sunday, December 22, 2013

Another episode of random thoughts...

-Exhaustion is my new, old friend.  Nothing is keeping Mom asleep now.  All previous methods are useless.  I am considering an alternate form of therapy, that frankly, would have shocked the Hell out of me a few years ago. But, research (done during the light of day) tells me that it works and it helps.  So, I'm in.

-The exhaustion is making me more emotional than usual.  Sleeping 2 hours here, 90 minutes there, all with one ear on the alert is not conducive to good moods. I don't remember what it is to not be tired. 

-With all of the gadgets, furniture arrangements and special locks around here, the house feels like an obstacle course.  And now add the entire bathroom to the list of things that must be locked at all times.  Mom uses the toilet as a trash can.  As a result, I have been plunging the toilet more often than I ever want to plunge.  Yesterday, I plunged.  And plunged.  I'm still plunging.  At one point, I poured a bubbly concoction into the bowl and let it sit.  This is what floated up to the top (the Qtip is for size reference):

-Christmas is upon us and even though Mom sings with the carols, she has no comprehension that the Holy day is here.  She always made the day special for us and I'm trying to do the same for her.  The thief that is Alzheimer's will surely make that impossible. 

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