Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What works now...

What a beautiful sound.  I turned on a traditional Christmas station on Pandora last night.  It was another attempt to soothe Mom with music.  So many of these attempts have failed and I truly didn't expect any success this time.  But, she sang.  She hummed.  She smiled.  She even thanked me several times throughout the evening for playing the music.  It truly was a lovely evening for which I will always be grateful.

This morning she awoke just as angry as usual.  She is furious that I haven't fed her (I have...twice.).  She wants to know where her car is... it's been gone since her diagnosis 7 years ago.  I have turned the music back on.  She has alternated between being angry at "that noise" and singing with it.  As a song ends she demands food and the location of her car.

I once read that if you've met one Alzheimer's victim, umm, patient, that you've met one Alzheimer's patient.   Meaning that every victim of the disease reacts to it in their own way.  But, I take it a little further to include that what works right now for your loved one, works right now.  It might always work, but chances are it will never work again. The challenge is finding what works now.

During the writing of this entry, I have determined that last night was a fluke that may or may not repeat itself.  So, I will continue playing the music... into noise cancelling earphones, firmly attached to my head. That is what is working now.

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