Sunday, December 1, 2013

Appetite restored...

Yesterday, Mom ate eleven meals.  I'm really not complaining.  I know that it is better than the alternative.  But, ELEVEN meals.  She had four breakfasts by 10 am.  Just as soon as she finished each one, and occasionally while she was still eating, she complained that she was hungry.  So, I fed her. I'm not even talking about the snacks that she ate, I'm talking meals.  Thank goodness for leftovers.

Even with 11 meals, she still wouldn't go to bed because she was hungry.  This morning she woke up hungry.  It's 2 pm and she's only eaten 4 meals.  But, she should be hungry anytime and I'm ahead of her... I have a meal ready for her.

I would be a completely happy camper if I could just change two things...

-when she's not actually in the middle of a meal, I would be happy if she didn't accuse me of starving her.  Having waited on her almost once an hour, it's just a tad irritating for her to say, "You want me to die.  You haven't fed me in three days."

-when she is eating practically non-stop, it would be nice if the first words, after the first bite, weren't, "This is too salty/hot/nasty/cold/much."

Okay, so I'm complaining.  But, just a little. 

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