Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm so scared...

Well, things are pretty normal around here.  Wow, that's probably the scariest sentence that I have ever typed.  This is normal?  Wow.  That, in itself, is a profound commentary of my daily experiences.  Here are some observations of my normal:

-Katie was outside riding her scooter up and down our very long driveway.  Mom is standing next to the driveway.  As Katie scoots by, Mom says, "Don't leave!  Please, don't leave!"  Katie reaches the end of the driveway, turns around and heads back the other direction.  And Mom says, "Don't leave! Please, don't leave!"  And, for a few minutes, I know they are both safe.

-As I am sitting here typing, Mom is on the couch, across the room, panicking.  She apparently needs to be somewhere, anywhere, other than here.  She keeps saying that she needs to get away.  She is repeatedly addressing me as "Sir."  I ignore her.  Finally, in her best Mom voice from my childhood, she says, "Nancy!  Are you listening to me?"

-I have become used to Mom yelling at strangers in the store. "They're leaving!  You're not going to let them leave without us are you?"  Or, pointing at a young lady, "There you are!  Get back over here right now!"  Or, her yelling in an impatient voice at a young man looking at a display,  "Are you coming?"  The saddest was when she wouldn't leave Burger King unless she could tell them thank you.  She approached the  manager, hugged him and cried on his shoulder until I had to pry her off.

-When I get Mom dressed each morning, as I hand her a pair of pants, she always checks the waistband and turns the pants around to correctly put them on.  And, when I hand her the pair of shoes, she always places the right show on the right foot and the left shoe on the left.  So, why is it that she can come out during the day with her underwear on the outside of her pants? And strut it likes its the latest trend.  Or, most evenings, after she goes to her room, she comes out with a shirt pulled on as a skirt with the neckline as the waist band?

And, her favorite declaration, that must sum up her perception of her current situation, "I'm scared.  I'm so scared that it scares me!"

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