Friday, June 14, 2013

Where are my shoes...

Mom is standing here in the living room with one bare foot and a sock on the other...

Mom:  I need my shoes.
Me:  They're in your room.
Mom:  What?
Me:  Your shoes are in your room.
Mom:  (crying)  My shoes are gone.
Me:  No, they're in your room.
Mom:  (looking outside) What's that? 
Mom: It's green and brown and it's moving.
Mom:  I need my shoes.
Me:  They're in your room.
Mom:  Where'd my shoes go?  They were right there.
Me:  Would you like me to go get them?
Mom:  NO! There aren't any shoes in there.
Me:  I will get them if you want.
Mom:  NO!  I'm supposed to have shoes!
-looking under the dining room table-
-sitting on the couch-
Mom:  I see 3 real ones. That's all I see. I got nothing.
Me:  Would you like me to go get your shoes?
Mom:  In my shoe? What's in my shoe? I don't have a shoe. Oh, wait, I have a half of one.  I like them.
Me: Go in your room and get your shoes.
Mom:  That's not fair to you. I don't have any dirt because they took it away from me. That's why my brothers and sisters aren't home. 
-goes to her room-
Mom:  Are my shoes in here? They were one day. That's why they took them away from me. I'm scared now. I'm scared. I'm so hungry.
-I go into her room.  Pick up the pile of shoes that don't belong to her and hide them in the hall closet.  I go back in and hand her a sock and a pair of shoes.-
-She comes out and sits on the couch in the living room.-
Mom:  What's this?  Why are there so many?  I don't have any shoes.  Why is there only one sock?  Where are my shoes?  Thank you for this.  Why is there only one sock?  I can't wear just one sock. 
Me: Put the sock on your foot.
Mom:  I don't have anything on my foot!  Oh!  Okay.  I have a pair.  But where are my shoes?
Me:  They're right beside you.
Mom:  What is? 
-she leaves the room-
-comes back-
Mom:  I found my feet.
-leaves the room-
-I can hear her mumbling... scared, hungry, please, shoes-
-She comes back and brings a sock.-
Mom: It's not fair. I only have one sock.
-She folds it up and shoves it in her pants-.
-She picks up the shoes and sets them down neatly beside her feet-
Mom:  Where are my shoes? 

Okay, I'm gonna wrap this up. I could go on but, yeah, why?  Darn it.  I just looked over there and she is taking her socks off.  And back to the beginning we  

Fast forward... the shoes are on and the next conversation begins:
Mom:  I am so hungry.  I haven't had anything to eat for 3 days.  Did you have breakfast?

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  1. Poor Mom, poor you all :( Such a horrible disease to reduce people to less than children's mentality and reasoning.