Saturday, March 29, 2014

I can be quiet...


This is something we all want to be woken by at 2:00 a.m.  At least, I do. Okay, I really don't.  But, awake I was.  I ran to Mom's room to find her on all fours, panicking.   She hadn't fallen.  She said she was looking for something and then couldn't see where she was.  So, I got her up and back to bed.  She fell right back to sleep.  I took just a little longer, but did get there.


It was 4:30 and I found her on the ground again.  This time I stayed with her because she seemed a little dizzy and 2 screams from the floor in one night isn't a good thing.  So there I sat.  I was feeling brave and patient, so, no Pandora.  Just me and Mom's ramblings.  It was truly fascinating to listen to.  And kind of funny.

Here's a short excerpt:

"I don't feel right.  It's late.  I know it's late.  I'll just lie here and be quiet.  I know it's important to be quiet.  There are other people in the house, after all.  So, that's what I'll do.  I'll just be quiet.  Being quiet is good.  I can do this.  I can be quiet.  I don't feel good but I can be quiet.  That man that helped me is so wonderful.  I can be quiet for him.  I think he is here.  Are you here?  Would you like me to be quiet?  If you'd like me to be quiet, I can do that.  I wonder if he would bring me food.  Food would be good. It sure is dark in here.  Dark is good.  Oh, my.  I do not feel good.  But, I can be quiet anyway.  Would you like me to be quiet?  Quiet would probably help me feel better. Well, quiet and some food.  Did the bed just move?  I'll be quiet anyway..."

---I will give you a 25 minute break here... a break that that I did not receive... I give it to you because I like you---

"...I'm getting tired now.  Very tired.  I'm sleepy.  I guess being quiet helped.  I like to be quiet.  I know that I'm not bothering anyone when I'm quiet.  I'm sleepy.  Really tired..."

  ---her voice gets very quiet... finally---

"... I think being quiet made me sleepy."


I sneaked back to bed at 5:30.  I laid there, wide awake just listening for her.  I must have fallen asleep because I was startled awake by a dark figure of a person looming over me saying, "Go ahead and sleep... I can be quiet." 

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