Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sign language...

I am sitting here trying not to laugh.  Loudly.  Mom is sitting across the room frantically gesturing to me.  She wants me to leave with her, but leave my daughter here.  The problem is, my daughter can see her. Very clearly  Somehow, she thinks if she waves her arms above her head, violently shakes her hands back and forth while trying to get my attention, then no one else in the room can see her. When she thinks I am looking, she holds up one hand as a shield and points to the door with her other hand.  Her movements are so frantic, you can actually hear them!

I am doing my best to ignore her but each time my eyes venture to the left side of the computer screen the movements increase.  As they travel to the right, she slows down.  So, now it's a game for me.  Mom is being controlled and I'm the remote control.   Oh, the possibilities.

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