Saturday, September 22, 2012

Words of comfort...

Each night as Mom unwinds for the day she says her prayers.  Loudly.  Most nights the pain of her pleas is heartbreaking to hear.  Sometimes, like tonight, they are bittersweet.  She prays the way we all should pray.  She talks with Him and listens for the answers.  And, by her responses,  she sometimes gets them. 

The other night I sat in the chair beside her bed and felt like I was listening to one side of a phone call between two old friends.  Mom chatted with Him.  She listened and responded to His answers.  Occasionally, she would laugh at something funny He said.  And some of the discussion was about me.  Several times I heard responses like, "I know! That's what I told her! But, shhhh, she's sitting right here." and then laughter.

I believe that He is talking to her and comforting her.  I wonder why she isn't able to hear Him every night.  Maybe she is still in our world enough that she doesn't allow herself to hear His answer.  How many times have I prayed and been so busy talking that I can't  hear His words.

But, there is one thing that I do know.  My faith is being tested now more than ever before.  And His conversations with Mom comfort her and me. 

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