Tuesday, September 25, 2012


This last weekend I spent more time at the ER with my oldest daughter than I ever want to spend there again.  Without explaining  her medical history for the entire world to read, I will just say that she was there for a serious issue and was experiencing severe pain. 

While we were there my 2 brothers were forced to stay with our Mom and be her caretakers for 6 hours.  The situation had some interesting results...

First, both of my brothers were forced to see what my family lives on a daily basis.  And, remarkably, they finally understood   They got it.  They understood how bad it has become.  They are now considering solutions.  That in itself is amazing.

Second,  the time that I focused on my daughter was a bittersweet respite from our everyday life.  Once the medicines that she was given were allowed to start to work, she and I had a very peaceful evening.  I wasn't on edge, listening for every sound from the nest room, waiting to defend, protect, cajole or pacify at a moment's notice. And she received undivided attention from me, attention that she hasn't had  in years... attention that every child deserves.  In a warped way, it was any enjoyable evening.

So, what was a truly horrible time, ended up with some positive results.  Perspective is a remarkable gift.

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