Saturday, September 15, 2012

Be careful what you ask...

Each day on my Facebook page I ask a Fun Question of the Day.  In today's question I innocently asked if anyone believed in ghosts and whether they had any experiences with one.  People shared some truly interesting and, for me, startling experiences.  My own answer was that I believe that they exist but that I had never had any personal experiences.

That all changed tonight.  The house has settled.  Mom has been relatively quiet for a few hours.  The girls and pets are asleep.  I am lying on the couch having a little "me" time on the computer.  I have a small fan next to my head keeping me cool and drowning out the small sounds of the night.  The rest of the house is dark except for the low glow of the bathroom light.  The only light in the living room is the bright glare of my laptop.  Anyone who has used one in a dark room knows that there is a total blackout beyond the perimeter of the screen. 

As I am sitting there I think I hear the sound of change jingling in a pocket.  Or, possibly after the ghost stories that I read today, I am hearing chains rattling?  I talk myself out of it. There are probably some kids walking by and I hear them through the open window. Back to the glare of the laptop.  Wait, there it is again.  And it is getting closer.  I stop what I am doing and I listen.  All is quiet.  I tip the laptop towards the hall door to see if I am hearing Mom moving around.  Nope.  She's not there.  I am just a little rattled from the stories. My imagination is running wild.

Suddenly to my right there is a pale, glowing face bending down towards me!  An eerie, vacuous, unearthly face with empty eyes!  I scream as it gets closer to me.  Ok, scream is a mild description, I shriek!  My terror does nothing to slow it down.  As it moves well within the light of my laptop I realize that Mom looks very ghostlike in laptop light.  Her hands are jingling change in the pocket of her housecoat as she calmly says, "I've been asleep and I just wanted you to know that I won't be getting up anytime soon."

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  1. You are a beautiful writer! my eyes were like glued