Saturday, March 3, 2012

Warm and fuzzy shoes...

I find it interesting that there are some long-term friendships that pick up right where they left off, even after an extended break.  They are like a pair of old shoes that just hug your feet. They just make you feel warm and fuzzy. That is the way it is with my friend "Jerry" (the name was changed to protect the innocent or because that was the nickname I always called her).

Growing up, Jerry was my complete opposite. She was outgoing, I was painfully shy. She was popular, I was painfully shy. She was daring and exciting, I was painfully shy.  Did I mention that I was shy?  And my shyness had a great deal to do with the break we took. She was so much more than I was. She knew who she was way back in the 6th grade. I figured out who I am while in my 40s. Big difference. But, Jerry and I had lunch today and it was just this warm, loving fun time... just like in middle school.

Thanks, Jerry. I love you, girl.  And thanks for waiting for me. 

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