Thursday, March 29, 2012

I dream of a place...

I dream of a place:
-Where you will only find people who respect other people and their differences.
-Where our children can be children again.
-Where only people who contribute in some way will be allowed to stay. You won't be kicked out for falling on hard times. You will be offered a helping hand, but you will not be coddled and you will not get something for nothing.
- Where mistakes will be allowed... as long as you take responsibility for your mistakes. Don't even think of blaming it on your parents or your childhood or suing someone to get something for nothing... you are an adult... act like it.
-Where there is only the need for one law... Treat others as you want and expect to be treated.
-Where prejudice and intolerance will not be tolerated... unless it is against stupid people, so, sorry, there will be no WalMart.
-Where changes will be brought about by the people... not by lobbyists nor the CEOs nor the person with the most money.
-Where teachers, fire fighters, police officers and military personnel make more money than sports figures and movie stars.
I am not looking for perfection or Utopia. I just want to live in peace without all of the garbage and negativity that is closing in on us.
You are all invited... What would you like to see in our place?

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