Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It's interesting that as the only daughter, it was assumed that I would be the one to take on the care of my mother.  Is that a law of nature?  Is that a pact that men made at the beginning of time?  "We no help babies. We no help old people."  Thumping of chests.  Dragging of  knuckles.  I don't mean to insult all men.  I know of men who have dedicated large portions of their lives helping their parents.

However, my brothers are not among their ranks.  I have two living brothers (2 died so I'm giving them a pass on this).  One of my brothers will have absolutely nothing to do with my mom.  I mean nothing.  And after begging my other brother (yes, begging) he takes my mom for 7 hours a week, IF it does not conflict with his plans and IF he is feeling well.  Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for those 7 hours. But, who takes her when I am sick?  Who cares for her if I have plans?  That last sentence made me laugh... me? Have plans?  Anyway, I am whining about this because my brother, the self-proclaimed Saint for helping me, announced today that he doesn't know how I do it 24/6.  Yes, his 7 hour stint that he does when there is nothing conflicting, counts as a full day of care.  I never knew that the 24 part of 24/7 meant "or any part there of."

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