Saturday, November 1, 2014

No apologies...

Well, it's been a few weeks since I've had much to say.  Things have been going along fairly smoothly (I laughed to myself as I wrote that.).  Smoothly is, obviously, a relative word.  But, no major meltdowns or public scenes to report. 

The one noteworthy piece of news is that the doctor did prescribe a medicine that seems to have helped.  It's not a cure all for Mom's erratically agitated behavior, but it has helped. .

Her negativity doesn't have me pulling my hair in frustration.  The litany of complaints hasn't left me dependent on earphones and Pandora for my sanity.   The irrational accusations and delusions haven't frustrated me to the point of anger. 

Overall, I'd say the prescription has been a qualified success. Some of you have probably figured out that the medicine was not for my mother.  Yep, my doctor gave me an anti-depressant.  Unfortunately, I'm finding there is still a huge stigma attached to this type of drug.  I have already had to defend myself for choosing to use it.  And that is just ridiculous.  But, that's another story for another time.

The point is, it has helped.  I haven't cried in more that 2 weeks.  That might not seem like a big deal.  But, I was crying several times a day.  And I don't mean that I would just tear up.  I cried hard and often.  I am more patient with Mom.  She still drives me crazy, but not to the point of intolerance... well, for the most part.  My girls have even seen an improvement. One daughter said that I am more mellow.  The other said that I'm calmer and in a better mood.  So, yeah, a success. 


  1. Nancy, I am THRILLED for you! You owe NO ONE apologies or explanations. I am so happy you are feeling and seeing an improvement.

    1. Thanks, Shelly. It's been several weeks now and I'm still doing good. Love you.