Thursday, November 13, 2014

We all need a friend...

Mom has started a new behavior that, for the most part, is kind of fun.  She talks to herself.  I don't mean that she just mumbles things or says what she's thinking.  She actually thinks that she is talking to another person.  Here's one of her conversations today at the closed bathroom door.

Knocks on door.

Mom #1:  Is anyone there?
Mom #2:  Yes, it's me, Andrea, I need to go.
#1:  My name is Andrea, too.
#2:  It's a good name.
#1:  Are you going to be much longer?
#2:  I just got here. 
#1:  Me, too.
#2:  Do you need to go, too?
#1:  It's okay.  I can wait.
#2:  Okay.
#1:  Aren't you going to say goodbye?
#2:  ...
#1:  Well, how rude!

She often sits on the couch across from me and does the same thing.  She'll look at me and ask some random question like, "Are you hungry?"  Before I can even decide if I want to answer (again) she'll say, "Oh, I am, too." 

I'm glad that she found someone who listens and understands. 


  1. heehee I have to laugh at this as it's so cute. At least the person she's talking to is pretty pleasant. I'm glad it's a turn that's not harder on you...

  2. Thanks, Angie. It was pretty funny to listen to.