Friday, June 29, 2012

I like that...

Recently, I have shared a lot of intense feelings.  So, this time, I'm going to lighten things up a bit.  Here are some positive things about caring for my Alzheimer's mom.

I like that...
-re-gifting doesn't offend her. Each and every time she receives something is the first time.
-every gift is the "best thing that I have ever gotten."
-she no longer cares what anyone thinks.
-she thinks that I need help with my "duties" in the bathroom. No, that one pisses me off. Oh, look a pun.
-she has become invisible. We don't see her lurking in the hallway peeking around the corner at us.
-I don't have to buy newspapers. The one we have lasts us a long time.
-she finds joy in simple things, like a piece of lint.
-she tucks her butt when she thinks she's in the way.
-she thinks that she's a vacuum. She can pick up things off of the carpet for hours.
-she hits on my oldest brother.  Yes, I know that one is wrong, but I get a perverse pleasure from it.
-everyday is Sunday to her. Except Sunday, then it is Tuesday.
-we can still find humor in this situation.

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