Wednesday, September 30, 2015


For so very long things have moved so very slowly.  Mom's journey seemed to take forever. I saw the early signs almost 15 years ago. Now it is all just moving so unexpectedly fast.  Hospice called yesterday to prepare us for what is coming. After all of these years you'd think that I would be ready.
I'm not.  It hit me hard.  I'm getting through this horrible waiting by remembering what I have spent countless hours praying and wishing for:  Her peace.  I am mentally happy that she is about to go home to a peace that we cannot comprehend.  But, it's my mom and I am going miss her and feel a huge whole with her passing.

Surprisingly, this grief that I feel is almost comforting.  I thought I would feel little but relief that my obligations are through.  It's wonderful to know that some compassion remains that was not stolen by the cowardly thief that is Alzheimer's.

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