Friday, March 6, 2015

My apologies to Frozen...

We had almost forgotten what nights from Hell are like.  Thankfully, Mom is here to remind us lest we ever forget.

One of the highlights of our recent night from Hell, was Mom standing in the middle of the room and loudly singing, "Is there anyone awake?"  I honestly thought I had made that up in my exhaustion. Turns out that it happened.   Well, that had me thinking how wonderful it would be if it was an actual song. 

Here's how I think it would go (to the tune of Do You Wanna a Build a Snowman?)--

Is there anyone awake?
Come on, I'm hungry NOW.
You never feed me anymore,
Or take me to the store,
Three days, I could eat a cow.
I used to be your mother.
But, now I'm not,
I wish that I knew just why.
Is there anyone awake?
Yes, you have to be awake.

Is there anyone still reading? 
You don't have to still be reading.

Okay, bye. 

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