Sunday, October 5, 2014

There is still one left...

Add another Burger King to the list of places that I can't take Mom.  This time the situation was mostly my fault.  Mom has become so picky about her food that I take her to fast food more than I normally would.  But, if she'll eat it, I will go. 

Her behavior is so bad in public that I rarely am able to actually go into a restaurant with her.  So, yesterday we went through drive thru of the local BK.  It was late afternoon and Mom was very agitated and delusional.  As we are sitting there, and I'm watching my sanity leave with each click of each minute going by, Mom said, "I'm only six years old and you have me locked in here.  Someone PLEASE give me some scissors."  She was going through the accompanying contortions of trying to remove the seat belt.  She is gesturing and screaming for her escape. 

Finally, the young man sticks his head out the window and says, "Could you do me a favor? Can you pull around to the front of the building and I'll bring your food out to you?"   The only thing that kept me from grabbing  the poor guy by the throat and shaking him was the many times I asked the same thing of someone in my own fast food working youth.  So, instead, I said, "How long?"  He sheepishly said, "2 minutes?"  I responded with no filters and said, "Okay.  But, if I kill my mother in that time, I'm holding you responsible." 

I only felt bad because I honestly didn't know human eyes could get that big. That looked really uncomfortable.  I'll bet he thinks twice before asking someone to move again. 

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