Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hostages, pop tops, and canaries...

Just a few observations:

-One of my girls was sick yesterday.  My mom had a very difficult time grasping that there was anyone else even in the room.  In fact, the more time I spent trying to help my daughter, the more agitated Mom became. I knew that I had to remove Mom from the situation, but I also couldn't leave my sick girl alone. Compromise? I made sure my baby had her cell phone and then took Mom to the car. We sat there for 2 hours so that my darling daughter could get some rest without Mom's help.  Picture Mom sitting in back clawing at the windows, screaming for the neighbor's attention.  And, me, sitting upfront smiling, waving and trying to convey with my tight smile, that I am not actually holding my mother hostage in the backseat of my cute little Kia.

-After spending umpteen dollars on locks that promised to keep even the most aggressive dementia patients in the house, but didn't, I finally solved our escaping geriatric problem.  I am installing double-keyed dead bolts on the doors leading outside.  For safety, I am attaching the key to a chain within reach of the door, but out of sight of Mom. Problem solved.

-Mom seems to be on a mission to destroy pet food.  She treats the large bin, where we keep the bulk dry dog food, as a trash can.  She adds water to the cats' dry food, you know those food bowls that have the reservoir that keeps the bowl full?  Yep, water.  Down the top.  And into the dry food.  When she is done destroying the dry food for all animals, she proceeds to the pantry where she pulls the tab on all of the cans of food.  Not enough to actually open them, just enough to allow the food to spoil. Gotta love grabbing can after can of food with the pull tab pointing straight up.

-As we were sitting at the speaker of a drive-thru the other day, Mom leaned over to me, pointed to the car behind us and said,  "Shhhh! Don't look behind you!  I think you're being followed."  I started laughing and continued placing our order.  She then yelled at me, "Do you know nothing?  They want you to talk to them. You need to go!"

-Mom came running out of her room the other night and screamed at me, "Did you find the canaries or not?"
Not, Mom.  Definitely, not.

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