Sunday, September 1, 2013

Altered conversations...

A friend recently wondered what a conversation between two confused people would sound like.  It reminded me of a period of time, a few years ago, when a neighbor with Alzheimer's (I will call her Ginger) would come and sit with Mom on the front porch swing.

The strange thing about Ginger's visits, were the visits themselves.  In 35 years of living close to each other, I don't believe they ever even waved to each other.  I never heard a word of dislike towards Ginger, but it was obvious that friendliness towards one another was not going to happen.  We spoke to Ginger's husband frequently, but never Ginger.

So, back to the visits.  While Ginger was more advanced into the disease than Mom was, they both lived in an alternate reality.  Every strange thing that they said, they believed to be true.  It was rather fun, but sad, to listen to them talk.  They both held up their side of the conversation, one would speak, the other respond, etc.  But, they never listened to the other.  Ginger would be talking about the stranger who was always in her house (her husband), and Mom would talk about going for a walk or about her siblings growing up.  Neither noticed the strangeness of the conversation, neither cared.  After awhile, Ginger would stand up and walk home.  And that was that.

I am sure that comfort was found just in the contact with each other.  I am glad that they found that comfort.  And, I hope that going to Day Care provides that contact for Mom.  Everyone needs someone who will listen, even if it is an altered way of listening.

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