Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bad night, good escape and door locks...

It was a bad night last night with Mom.  I always try to let her fall asleep on her own.  She's able to do that a night or two each week.  But, last night sure wasn't one of the good nights.

If Mom isn't resting by 9, I give her a sleeping pill.  Normally, it works fairly quickly and she is solidly asleep by 9:30 and stays that way until about 6 am.  Last night, she fell asleep right away, but we heard sounds coming from her room at about 10.  We ran in there just in time to see her doing a pinball imitation with the walls of the hall.  The pill had definitely made it into her system.  She was so out of it, that she actually let me guide her back to  bed.  Most of the time, there is a no-touch rule.  I call it the "Honestly daughter, I'd rather do it myself" attitude.  But, I did get her into bed and back to sleep. Oh, how I wish that the story ended there. 

Fast forward to 4 am.  She was up looking for "the kids". Are they in school?  Where are they?  I can't find them.  She was up and down for the next 3 hours, mostly up.  Luckily, she was solidly on her feet, so, all I could do was sit quietly and make sure that she didn't do anything dangerous. 

I spent my time browsing Amazon, looking at child locks for the outside doors.  She gave me a fright yesterday when she got through my blocked and locked doors while I was in the bathroom. I found her coming back from the neighbor's house.  I couldn't really relax enough to get any sleep because I couldn't be sure the back door was secure enough to keep her in. 

I will be asking for a different sleeping pill the next time we see the doctor.  My toddler, umm, I mean Mom, is messing with my rest and that does not make for a happy me.

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