Friday, May 24, 2013

Don't judge...

Mom's hair has been, well, a little crazy.  Taking her to a salon is out of the question.  The last time I got her to go, she sat in the chair and shook with fury.  Her fists were clenched and she cussed at the poor lady the entire time.  The stylist was genuinely scared.  I'm sure my laughter when Mom called me a bitch from across the salon, did not calm her.  Well, that was over a year ago.  Mom's attitude hasn't exactly gotten better in that time.  So, I took the matter into my own hands tonight.  Here is the "after":

Before you tell me that I did a horrible job (and I did) take a peek at the "before":

Ok, just kidding.  Or am I?  Here is a good hair day for Mom:

 I did what I had to do.  Don't judge.

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