Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Step right up...

Oh, my goodness!  Give me strength.  You know those carnival games that when you throw the ball at them, they pop back up and pretend they were never down?  Yeah, that was Mom last night. 

We had her "knocked" down so many times.  And just when I would fall back to sleep "BOING"!  She's was up.  Back I go, into her room, onto the chair, Pandora in my ears and ebook in hand.  As soon as I heard her heavy breathing (ladies do not snore, HA!) I tiptoed out of her room and fall back into bed.  She was finally down for the count at about 2 am.  The barkers closed up shop and I got to take the big prize of uninterrupted sleep home with me. 

Life, being what it is, started back up at 6.  I have spent my time since then, keeping Mom awake.  She, of course, doesn't remember being up most of the night and wants to sleep.  She desperately wants to sleep. But, you parents know this dilemma, do I let her sleep and get some quiet moments for myself or do I give in and let her rest?  And the answer to that is, "How badly do I want to sleep tonight?" 

So, here I am trying to agitate my mother into staying awake.  I am listening to the unending litany of complaints that I brought on myself.  And, all I can do for consolation is promise myself that tonight I will be using a bigger ball.

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