Saturday, December 15, 2012



-send me a little more patience. Okay, a lot more. I am going through it quickly these days.
-forgive me my anger.  See above.
-remind me that this is a disease and she does not choose it.
-allow my children to remember their mother before she was a screaming shrew.
-let me see Your sunrise and see the beauty instead of the anger.
-whisper in my ear that I am the example that my children will become.
-know that I am grateful for each and every blessing that I receive each day.
-guide me in remembering You, not just when saying my prayers, but in all things.
-help me to see things through her eyes and show compassion when it does not make sense.
-teach me again, that Your love is stronger than my frustrations. 
-hold me in Your loving arms and forgive me. Again.


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  1. You knew I'd have a comment, right? First of all, God has already supplied whatever you need. Period. End of story. But another aspect is that YOU need to forgive YOU. YOU need to give YOU a break and not be so hard on YOU. And one final thing, maybe, just MAYBE your anger stems, not from the disease (which she did not choose) but from those things that came before, that she DID choose. I know with my mom, I found things coming up from the past that had nothing to do with her disease but I was still SO MAD at her about those things. The forgiving is usually not so much for others as it is for us.