Monday, July 23, 2012

She was your world...

This is for my daughters. I want you to remember your Grandmother and the wonderful love that she had for you.

Kylie, when you were just a toddler and skinned your first knee, you ran right by me and straight to Gran for a kiss to make it better.  I was so happy because I knew you had someone who loved you almost as much as I love you.

As a single mom, there were times when I would become overwhelmed and ready to explode.  It was Gran that you called and said, "Can you come get me?"  And it was Gran who dropped everything to listen to you.  And it was Gran that made it all better.  For both of us.

When you were both very small, it was Gran who was there when I couldn't be.  She hugged you.  She dried your tears.  She read you books.  She held you until you fell asleep. She made you laugh.  She loved you so very much.

One of her favorite things was singing to you.  Kylie, your song was "You Are My Sunshine".  I wasn't allowed to even hum it to you because that was your special song... From her.  Do you remember the Angel Bear that she bought you?  Apparently, it was made in Japan because it had the strongest accent when it sang that song. The two of you laughed yourselves silly when you first heard it.  Katie, your song was "Katie, Beautiful Katie".  Your eyes would light up when she sang that song to you.  Your songs were her way of making you feel special

Katie, it wasn't very long ago that you would sit on her lap and tell each other stories, play games or read books.  And laugh.  Oh, how the two of you laughed.  I was never a part of your playtime.  The two of you were your own little unit and that was more than enough for you.  And it was wonderful for me.  I loved the sound of your laughter. And hers.

Even as the disease started taking over, you two were in her thoughts.  As she walked home from her trips to the coffee shop, she thought of you in the little gifts she picked up.  She would bring you endless amounts of stuffed animals.  And books.  Yes, sometimes she brought you empty miniature whiskey bottles, or rotten apples, but she thought of you each time she brought a gift.  And she gave each gift with love.

And she still loves you.  More and more, she has no idea who you are to her, but she knows the love that she feels.  She made you both so happy for such a long time.  She was your world.  Now, you are hers.

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