Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom...

Today is Mom's 78th birthday.  Here are some highlights...

"It can't be my birthday, mine is late July."

"My birthday is 3 weeks after the 4th of July"

Katie: "Happy Birthday, Gran!"
Mom: "Thanks but it would have been nice if my family had said that!"

Me: "How old are you Mom?"
Mom: "Damn. You're going to make me add aren't you?"
Me: "Only if you want to."
Mom:  "Ok. I've added it up 3 times and gotten 3 different answers"
Me: "What did you decide?"
Mom: "Well, most of them were too big so I think I'm 42."
That makes me 17 so I guess I'll accept that.

Me: "What year is it?"
Mom: 1988

She kept opening her card and saying "Wow! Did you know if you open this up you can see more sides of it?"

After opening her presents, she held up the empty box and said, "This is the nicest thing I have ever had. I have to say that I have always wanted one. Just look at the different colors!"

At the bakery I asked her which cake she would pick...
Mom: "Well, I know which one I don't want... that one has crap all over it!"

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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