Thursday, January 8, 2015

A fun evening...

It's been a fun evening.  No, really.

-I heard a quiet whooshing sound a little bit ago. It lasted about 6 seconds.  Silence. Whooshing.  Silence. Whooshing.  I got up to see where it was coming from and found Mom in the hall.  She had her mouth next to the switch and was blowing on it.  I guess she was trying to "turn it on". 

-While I was sitting in my usual spot on the love seat, blocking Mom's escape route, she pointed at my arm and said, "Excuse me.  Would you mind if I broke your right wing?  I'd really like to crush it."

-Awhile later she was sitting "quietly" across from me, looked up and said, "I can't wait until I get my fingers all over you."   After the incident in the hall, I let that one pass.

-And, finally, while Katie and I were playing fetch with the dog, she yelled, "Stop it!  We don't use animals for sex!" 

I'm glad she remembers important things. 

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