Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I had a dream...

I just had an interesting dream. I was cuddled up on the couch with a blanket, when Mom opened the door and allowed a bird to fly into the house. I couldn't see the bird (as birds are one of my biggest fears, I was hiding under my blanket, screaming) but by the sound of its flapping wings, I knew it was a raven. As I was screaming at Mom to get the bird out, it pooped all over me. It was in my hair and somehow even under the blanket. It was everywhere.

Nasty, right? While my dream self was a little grossed out and just a little irritated that the poop of one of my biggest fears had just landed on me, my subconscious self was relieved that I hadn't died!  I mean it was a very large bird trapped in the same room with me... and I didn't die!!!

I used an online dream dictionary to see what it said the appearance of a raven symbolized.  They are said to represent the purest truths of our subconsciousness. I don't know about that, I think a sparrow could have delivered the same message, with less mess.  

So, let's look at an amateur's attempt to interpret the dream. Here is my take... The bird is Alzheimer's. The crap represents the way I feel about life right now, thanks to Alzheimer's. Mom is the link between the bird, the crap, and me. Simple, right?

But, it's my reaction to the mess that I find the most interesting. The fact that I was relieved that I was only pooped on and that I survived is the most telling for me. There are days here in this house, when the stress and demands placed upon me are so overwhelming that I truly feel as if it is killing me, piece, by stressful piece. So, for my subconscious to tell me that I will survive this mess?  Yeah, that's my kind of dream.